Earth Day – Every Day


It was truly wonderful to see people celebrating Earth Day yesterday and over the weekend. Increasing awareness and focusing attention are really the first steps to making a difference and implementing change.
And yes, a change in thinking and acting is necessary.
Let’s celebrate Earth Day every day.
Let’s consciously make decisions and take actions that do not negatively impact the earth.
We can all do our part in preserving the beauty and significance of this incredible planet.
Do not litter.
Bring your reusable bags for marketing and shopping.
Use less plastic anything.
Walk or bike – leave the car home.  Or take public transportation.
One change by everyone adds up!
Living in a beach community is very special.
I get to feel the energy of the ocean, the waves, the sand, the high and low tides, the seagulls, pelicans, whales, dolphins, seals.
I feel enriched and enlivened.  And blessed.
However,  I also see the neglect, the trash, the plastic that the tides deposit on the beaches.
Let’s do our part and help heal the planet, preserving it for many generations to come.
We are all connected. We all can make a difference.
To your radiant health and that of our planet.



One Comment on “Earth Day – Every Day

  1. I know that every day I Love You more and more. Great sharing of your thought on how we can contribute to the Health of the planet.

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