Cultivate the Root


Cultivate the root. The leaves and branches will take care of themselves.


It all begins with the foundation, the root, the true essence. That is where the magic happens. Spend the time early on digging deep, laying the framework, nourishing and nurturing the root. Then watch your results come to fruition in all their magnificence.

The above quote and affirmation were taken from my book, Reflect Renew Refresh – The 3 R’s for an Inspired Life.

I am a very visual person.  It is very important that I surround myself with a peaceful and calming environment surrounded by nature.  Green plants and shrubs, flowering bushes, the ocean, blue skies, puffy clouds.  In fact, the first thing I usually do when arriving at a hotel is look at my view!  And when we have been buying property, I also place emphasis on the views from the windows, the backyard, the other homes around us.

I have come to realize though, that what I desire to see around me, needs attention to continue to thrive and be all that it wants to be.  It may not always look 100%.  And when the leaves brown, the grass gets eaten up by the rabbits, the flowers die, I need to get my hands dirty (or pay the gardener) to get into the soil and do what is necessary – fertilize, mulch, add nutrients, natural pest control, repot into a larger container, etc.

Our minds and bodies are like the plants.  When we are not feeling or looking our best, we need to identify what is happening internally.  Yes of course I want to look good and will take the time to wear a great outfit, apply my makeup, do my hair.  That can quickly fix the outer appearance. However I also need to attend to my inner self.

What is the cause of my feeling?
What happened to create it?
What do I need to do to feed my being, nourish myself to radiant health, wealth, peace, joy, love, harmony, success and happiness.

Cultivating the root is an ongoing process similar to the 3 R’s.
Take the time to Reflect on what is happening and why.
Renew your commitment to doing what is important for you. Identify what your course of action will be.
Then feel Refreshed, invigorated and inspired to be your Best Self!

Just like your garden. You got your hands dirty, pulled the weeds, cleaned out the debris, added the righ amount of nutrients.
Inside and Out – You are perfect!

May you continue to grow, thrive, and achieve your desires.

Love and Light,


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